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The Poodle

The Poodle is a versatile and wonderful companion, a charming animal, pleasing to live with in every way.  They are gifted with grace, beauty, intelligence, and athletic ability.   In addition to being spectacular in the show ring, the Poodle excels in obedience, agility, rally, field and many other activities.  Their intelligence, desire to please people, trainability and non-shedding coat make poodles ideal companions, therapy and guide dogs, and family members.  To own a poodle is to be captivated!

Poodles come in three sizes (Toy, Miniature and Standard) and many colors.  Poodles’ coats do not shed and require special grooming to keep their constantly growing hair at a manageable length and to prevent matting.

Origins of the Breed

Historically, poodles were bred to hunt for truffle and to retrieve waterfowl.  To this day, poodles still hold their own in that company.  The name Poodle seems to come from the German ‘Pudl’ which is “to splash.”  Most breed historians agree that the Poodle, as we know it in the United States today, had its origins in Russia, France and Germany.  While the dogs of these countries were very different in type from each other, they did have one attribute in common.  As long as they have been known, Poodles have excelled as water retrievers and swimmers, and they are a true sporting dog.  They are marvelous companions as well and the darlings of society due to their amusing personalities and their versatile talents.  However, their background is that of the water dog, and these instincts remain with the breed today.

Three Variety of Poodles

There are three varieties of poodles:  Toy, Miniature, and Standard.  There is no officially recognized poodle variety such as a “Royal” Standard, a “Tea Cup” Toy or a “Tiny Toy” poodle.

Toy Poodle– The Toy is the smallest of the three varieties of Poodle.  For the confirmation show ring the Toy should be no larger than 10” high at the shoulder.  This more diminutive variety of poodle is particularly well suited to apartment life or as a traveling companion for retired people.

Miniature Poodle– The Miniature Poodle is a medium-sized animal limited to 15” high at the shoulder for the show ring.  Still it’s a sturdy compromise between the Toy and the Standard, suitable both to apartment life as well as the hardy lifestyle of a family with children.

Standard Poodle– The Standard is the largest of the three varieties with no restriction on size.  Typically, Standards will be about 21” to 27” high at the shoulder, and the females will be usually a little smaller than the males.  Being a larger, more substantial animal, the Standard usually requires a little more room to roam than the other two varieties.

Alternatives to Puppies

Occasionally, adult dogs are available from breeders.  Some may even be champions.  Rescue dogs, too, are available from time to time from area Poodle Clubs.  Both can make excellent pets and generally readily adapt to new homes and loving families.   If you are interested in learning more about Poodle Rescue, please click on our “POODLE RESCUE” webpage.

Internet Resources

There is a lot of information about Poodles on the web.  Please click on our “LINKS” webpage for more poodle information, also click on The Poodle Club of America (PCA) official website.  The PCA website provides extensive information on various aspects of the breed, including the illustrated breed standard and information on poodle health, performance activities, shows and more.

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